Each Birthday Boy or Birthday Girl will print their name on a paper goat that we pin up in our barn. We donate $10, in honor of each birthday child, to purchase a goat for a family in Haiti through the efforts of the Haitian Health Foundation (goats cost $150 each).

Dr. Jeremiah Lowney (a dentist who lives in Norwich, Connecticut) and his family started this foundation in 1982 and have been working tirelessly to improve lives there. Pictured above from left to right: Marilyn Lowney with her dad (founder of the Haitian Health Foundation) Dr. Jeremiah Lowney, with the grateful recipient of our little goat “Cookie”; and Marilyn with another grateful recipient of our little goat “Petite Oreo”.

Their “Give A Goat” program distributes goats to rural families on the basis of economic status and their commitment to the growth of their communities. Goats are bred, bartered, or used as a source of protein. Every birthday child will own a part of a goat. Our little barn will house their names and when we put 15 goats in our barn…we purchase a goat on behalf of all your children.

Please check out this foundation’s website and think about their Give A Goat or their Build a Home program, as gifts to honor your loved ones or for Christmas gifts – because who really needs another fruitcake?

Haitian Health Foundation
97 Sherman St.
Norwich, CT 06360